Bar Sizes

Okay, I admit it, I'm cutting challenged. I still cut my bars with a knife, one by one. It's difficult to cut them to an exact size and weight...and I've tried. With hot process soap it's a bit more tricky because it's not extremely liquid when I glop it into the mold and the tops aren't smooth, they're not supposed to be. But if there happens to be an extra mound on one bar and not another, the first bar will weigh slightly more. 

In the soap description it will let you know approximately how much a bar of soap will weigh.


You don't have to have PayPal to checkout. Instead of clicking on the PayPal Checkout button just fill out the information below it and click Continue, it will continue to a section where you can fill out your payment information.



GoDaddy shopping cart doesn't allow for add on shipping costs, it's just a straight forward shipping cost per bar. At the moment it costs $4.50 to ship one bar. If you order more than one bar (up to six bars) I will use flat rate Priority shipping which will cost a total of $7.50 and I will refund you anything over that. 


I cannot accept returns but if you have a problem with your purchase please email me and let me see if I can help you out.

Joseph's Chocolate Mint Soap in the mold.

Joseph's Chocolate Mint Soap in the mold.

Please email me with any questions or concerns.

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