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Rustic, natural soaps

Handmade natural soaps made with moisturizing oils and butters. 

Our bar soaps are made using only essential oils for a light scent and natural colorants such as  turmeric, alkanet root, paprika, spirulina powder, cacao powder. 

Shipping Info

GoDaddy shopping cart doesn't allow for add on shipping costs, it's just a straight forward shipping cost per bar. At the moment it costs $4.50 to ship one bar. If you order more than one bar (up to six bars) I will use flat rate Priority shipping which will cost a total of $7.50 and I will refund you anything over that.


If you would like a sample of another soap included with your order, just let me know in the order comment section! Give me a couple of your choices and I'll pop one in your order if I have it on hand.


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